The Cardinal Nest Inc.  

  501(c)(3) organization  dedicated to serving the needs of high school students through action and purpose. 

Program Overview

The Cardinal Nest mentoring program matches 11th & 12th grade students with young professionals for an academic year. Through these relationships and group activities, our mentors create an environment for friendship, support, and fun. Mentors and mentees get together at least once per month. Both mentors and mentees make a commitment to spend time together throughout the academic year. The mentors are not private tutors, although pairs may periodically decide to work on homework together. We plan workshops and activities on a monthly basis that are open to all high school students. Cardinal Nest staff members are also available to answer questions, offer support and help matches work through challenges as they arise.

Program Purpose

The purpose of this program is to give students an opportunity to have a one-on-one relationship with young professional mentors. Through these relationships, mentors provide friendship, support, and guidance. The mentors are there to serve as positive role models and confidants.